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My own work with sacred earth ritual, shamanic plant medicine ceremony, and collective prayer has provided me with the ability to weave yogic, Zen Buddhist, and Taoist philosophy with asana, meditation, sound, and silence into a transformative experience to sooth the soul. My goal is to help others learn to alchemize life in ways that support growth, intentional living, and the continued evolution of our collective consciousness.

I consider space-holding to be both an honor and an art, and I strive to create a sacred container for others to feel held and supported in their healing journey. I encourage students to practice from a place of curiosity and compassion while investigating the power of breathwork, movement, mindfulness, and stillness. By taking care of our Inner world we cultivate and integrate physical, mental, and emotional awareness. This awareness allows us to take responsibility for ourselves so we can become more effective agents of positive change in our immediate and global communities and experience ourselves as co-creators in our lives.

My classes vary from long restorative meditations, gentle flows, to challenging vinyasas, and are introspective, light hearted, and balanced.

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 Through a regular practice of conscious connection, we begin to recognize our entire being as an extension of the Universe.

Ultimately, yoga offers the opportunity to attune ourselves to the magic and mystery of life and understand our true nature as consciousness working to harmonize the Divine within and without.


My Journey

    I hold space for others because I never had space held for me. Until I started my yoga practice, I didn’t understand what it felt like to have space to decompress and be vulnerable. I didn’t realize how dysregulated my nervous system was and how much I was holding onto. By taking the practice to heart, I have discovered a realm of holistic healing that has helped me manage my ADHD, as well as substance abuse and addiction problems that stem from trauma. Through yoga, I have been able to reclaim my power, nurture my wounded inner child, and understand myself as a part of the Universe instead of apart from it.

    I first started practicing yoga in 2012. In 2016 I pursued my 200hr YTT in Boca Raton with the Zen Den School of Yoga, followed by a 300hr YTT with Sacred Paths Yoga in Costa Rica in 2019. I have since been certified as a Reiki practitioner, and continued my education in Trauma-informed yoga practices. I am a volunteer for Prison Yoga Chicago and am deeply committed to the intersection of yoga and social justice.


     My work as a healing practitioner and guide is influenced by my study of the Tao, yogic philosophy, indigenous wisdom, and traditional healing modalities.  As a humble student of the Red Road, I strive to walk in right relationship to this Earth and our Creator, to share in collective prayer, and respect plant medicines and the extraordinary elders who carry these alters with incredible integrity, wisdom, and honor.

Current Class SchedulE


    - 7:30a CST // Rise and Shine (60m) - 

    - 9a CST // Vinyasa Flow Hour (60m) - 

    - 7p CST // Restorative (75m) - 


   - 5:15p CST // Vinyasa Flow (60m) - 



    - 6:30p CST // Restorative (75m) - 

Workshops + REtreats
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Private Offerings

Space Holder

for Plant Medicine Journey


     If you have decided to embark on a plant medicine journey and would like to have someone to hold safe space for your trip, I am available to provide a grounding energy for your experience. This includes a private 1hr zoom session before the trip to ask questions, find your intention, and prepare for what is to come. (6hrs total)


Tiered Pricing:

Supporter  -  $300

Sponsor  -  $450

Patron  -  $600

Plant Medicine Integration

     Integration work is the most important part of a plant medicine journey. I will provide safe space for you to digest your experience and offer resources, tools, and insight to help you navigate your healing work. (1hr)

Available as a 1 on 1 Zoom session or in person session (Chicago only). 

Tiered Pricing:

Supporter - $75

Sponsor - $100

Patron - $125

Private Yoga

     A perfect way to deepen your practice through a better understanding of alignment, meditation, and restorative modalities. Learn to create a sustainable home-practice or connect with a friend and indulge in a personal yoga experience. (1-2 people) (in-person or zoom) (90m)

Travel fee: $20


Tiered Pricing:

Supporter - $80

Sponsor - $100

Patron - $125

Life Coaching

     Assistance in shifting your lifestyle and being guided towards your goals to maximize your potential. Every person is different, so every session is unique. Sometimes all you need a different perspective and a little encouragement to help you redirect your energy and develop trust within yourself to move through uncertainty. (zoom) (60m)

Tiered Pricing:

Supporter - $75

Sponsor - $100

Patron - $125

Reach out to Book With Me

My availability is limited. 

Please expect a response in 2-3 business days.

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Alexa Young, CA

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