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 Through a regular practice of conscious connection, we begin to recognize our entire being as an extension of the Universe.Ultimately, yoga offers the opportunity to attune ourselves to the magic and mystery of life and understand our true nature as consciousness working to harmonize the Divine within and without.

Aja began her yoga practice 12 years ago in an effort to cope with childhood trauma, substance abuse, and undiagnosed ADHD. She has since completed 500hrs of yoga training with the Zen Den Yoga Yoga School and Sacred Paths Yoga, as well as additional training in trauma-informed yoga therapy and is a Level II practitioner of the Usui Reiki lineage. She is currently receiving her license as a Ganja Yoga facilitator and training with Zen Shiatsu Chicago Massage School for her shiatsu massage license. In 2020 she was thrilled to be accepted into the restorative justice movement by joining Prison Yoga Chicago. She is currently the lead teacher for Division 6 of Cook County Jail and serves on the Board as the Fundraising Chair. 


As a teacher, she considers space-holding to be both an honor and an art, and strives to create a sacred container for others to feel held and supported in their healing journey. Her goal is to encourage students to practice from a place of curiosity and compassion while investigating the power of breath-work, movement, mindfulness, and stillness. She is dedicated to helping others cultivate self-awareness and learn to alchemize life in ways that support personal growth, intentional living, and the continued evolution of our collective consciousness. She strongly believes yoga can help us take radical responsibility for ourselves so we can become more effective agents of positive change in our immediate and global communities. Her classes vary from long restorative meditations and gentle flows to challenging vinyasas, and are introspective, light hearted, and balanced.


Current Class Schedule


    - 7:30p CST // Restorative (90m)


- 6:30p CST // Yin (60m) -


 - 9a CST // Intermediate Flow (75m) -

 - 5:15p CST // Vinyasa Gentle Flow (75m) - 

    - 6:30p CST // Restorative (75m) - 

Classes taught in person at Namaskar in Chicago


sound of creation

restorative + chanting


6p - 8:30p

Mantra is used to help focus the mind during meditation and helps to integrate profound shifts in perspective. Chanting mantras can have a unique and powerful effect. Every word we speak carries its own energetic signature and the physical manifestation of every frequency gives rise to its own pattern. By coming together as a collective, our voice becomes amplified. Now more than ever, we need to use our voice and reclaim our power as co-creators of our shared experience. This workshop weaves gentle strengthening, yin, and restorative yoga with the ancient practice of kirtan (chanting) and sound healing to lead students into a deeply meditative state. We will embrace the magic of vibration to shift reality and cultivate energetic alignment within ourselves by honoring the history of chanting and the science behind frequency and its relationship to the quantum realm.

This workshop ends with a restorative sound bath to integrate the effects of this practice.

Each part of this class will focus on a different mantra, specific frequency, and particular aspect of meditation.

No previous experience with chanting is necessary.

Private Yoga

A perfect way to deepen your practice through a better understanding of alignment, meditation, and restorative modalities. Learn to create a sustainable home-practice by deepening your relationship to yourself and your body. One-on-one private sessions may include life-coaching, sound healing, ganja, aromatherapy, tarot, and gentle massage.

Connect with a friend and split the cost of a private yoga experience.

Each session is tailored to your needs, goals, and 

(1-2 people) in-person (90m) or zoom (75m)

In person yoga limited to Chicago, IL

Reach out to Book With Me

My availability is limited. 

Please expect a response in 2-3 business days.

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"I love your restorative and yin classes! The sequences are divine as is your music. The embodiment of yoga principles in the cues, mindfulness prompts and approach to touch is much appreciated."

- Jamie

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