We are all factions of collective consciousness observing itself in action.

Remember you are greater than yourself, you are part of the whole, and you have infinite divine potential within every fiber of your being.

Choose to tap into it.

Current Class Schedule

updated: September 2021

all classes are taught via Zoom until further notice



    - 6:30 PM CST // Restorative + Yin (75M) - 


   - 9 AM CST// Intermediate Flow (75m) - 



   - 6:45 AM CST // Rise and Shine Flow (60m) - 

    - 9 AM CST // Gentle Yoga Flow (60M) - 

    - 6 PM CST // Intermediate Flow (75M) - 

Gentle Yoga Flow 


Thursdays II  9a LIVE  II class recording sent out every week

FREE - donations welcome - 

This class is designed for yogis of all levels. Through slow movement and isometric strengthening, we develop flexibility and balance in a sweet and gentle 60 minute flow.

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PRIVATE Services

I strive to encourage a practice that contemplates consciousness in light of our personal and collective realities and is rooted in mindfulness and self-love. By taking care of our Inner world we cultivate and integrate physical, mental, and emotional awareness. Using the connection between breath and movement to stay present, yoga helps us to find space in both the body and mind. Through this presence, we are better able to take responsibility for ourselves and heal so we can become more effective agents of positive change in our immediate and global communities.

My classes vary from restorative meditations, gentle flows, to challenging vinyasas, and are introspective, light hearted, and balanced.

        I began practicing yoga in 2012 at the age of 18. By taking the practice to heart, I have discovered a whole new realm of holistic healing that has both influenced my art and my lifestyle. In 2016 I pursued my 200hr YTT in Boca Raton followed by a 300hr YTT in Costa Rica in 2019. I have since completed four levels of Reiki training and look to continue my education as a healer and spiritual guide. I am a volunteer for Prison Yoga Chicago and am deeply committed to the intersection of yoga and social justice, dedicated to developing my relationship with Source, and hope to enlighten my students on their ability to be co-creators in their own lives by utilizing meditation, affirmations, consistent yoga practice, and the power of intention.