Single pointed consciousness is the answer to so many of our questions about our relationship to Source. We are co-creators in our experience - living in this toroidal, holographic, 3-D reality. In actuality we exist across realities in all directions of space and time. Our future is a constant wave of potential. Similar to the way that light acts as a wave before it is observed and acts as a particle; our observations, perceptions, and actions play a much bigger role in our reality than we know. That is why it is important to be mindful, to live fully in the present out of a high vibrational frequency of love. When you emanate from that space you attract experiences and opportunities that reflect your vibration. Worries, anxieties, doubt, fear, and over-planning for the future all stem from attachment to outcome. This attachment inhibits the universe from providing you with a high vibrational match to your desires because they cloud your thoughts with low frequencies and keep you living in the past or the future instead of in the moment. Strive to find balance between surrendering to the flow of your life, and making a conscious, consistent effort to align from the inside out.

There are lots of tools at your disposal to help you cleanse your energy and raise your vibration:

- Eating a healthy diet high in raw fruits and vegetables

- doing things that bring you joy

- practicing gratitude

- meditating

- practicing yoga

- spending time in nature

- getting a massage, acupuncture, or reiki

- taking a hot bath

- smudging

- listening to 432hz, So Hum, or any other Mantra video on youtube

- remembering to take a few deep breaths

Try your best to be a little gentler with yourself and then see how easy life becomes for you.

We are all factions of collective consciousness observing itself in action.

Remember you are greater than yourself, you are part of the whole, and you have infinite divine potential within every fiber of your being.

Choose to tap into it.

I engage a unique perspective on the connection between the Inner and the Outer, and I strive to encourage a practice that contemplates consciousness in light of our personal and collective realities. My belief in the relationship between science and spirituality inspires a practice that is rooted in mindfulness and self-love. By taking care of our Inner world we cultivate and integrate physical and mental awareness. Subsequently, we become attuned to our  ability to maintain control over our reactions and turn obstacles into opportunities. It is through taking responsibility for ourselves and making a genuine effort to heal our physical and emotional trauma that we become more effective agents of positive change in our immediate and global communities. My classes vary from gentle flows to challenging vinyasas and are introspective, light hearted, and balanced.

I began practicing yoga in 2012 at the age of 18. By taking the practice to heart, I have discovered a whole new realm of holistic healing that has both influenced my art and my lifestyle. In 2016 I pursued my 200hr YTT in Boca Raton and have since completed two levels of Reiki training, Currently, I am preparing for my 500hr YTT in August 2019. I am dedicated to developing my relationship with Source, and hope to enlighten my students on their ability to be co-creators in their own lives by utilizing meditation, affirmations, consistent yoga practice, and the power of intention.

A special thank you to Robert Downey Jr. -  whose personal struggle and triumph over his addictions inspired my own journey to wellness, self - realization, and freedom.

Embrace the intersection of
science & spirituality.
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