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We are all factions of collective consciousness observing itself in action.

Remember you are greater than yourself, you are part of the whole, and you have infinite divine potential within every fiber of your being.

Choose to tap into it.

Current Class Schedule

updated: September 2022

FREE Gentle Yoga Flow 


Fridays II  9a LIVE  II class recorded

This class is designed for yogis of all levels. The 60m are structured for anyone who wishes to expand their practice and develop flexibility with gentle movement and isometric strengthening. These classes are designed for yogis of all levels but catered to beginners.

Classes are FREE!

However, donations are accepted on behalf of Prison Yoga Chicago to bring restorative yoga and wellness to under-served populations of the city.


    - 7:30a CST // Rise and Shine (60m) - 

    - 9a CST // Vinyasa Flow Hour (60m) - 

    - 7p CST // Restorative (75m) - 


   - 5:15p CST // Vinyasa Flow (60m) - 



    - 6:30p CST // Restorative (75m) -