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Artist Statement

Jewelry is unique and handmade with love and care. Incorporating respect for proportion, balance, sacred geometry, ancient symbolism, natural elements, and the connotations of precious and semi-precious materials. As an expression of my aesthetic and perspective, I hope that each piece finds a home with someone who can feel authentic and beautiful when they wear it. Made to stand the test of time, hopefully these necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings can be appreciated over the years and across generations; creating their own little histories while maintaining their origins as part of the same creative voice of their artist; just as we evolve and explore our originality while preserving our connection to the collective ancestry we all share as expressions of Divine Collective Consciousness.

           I am interested in the durability of fine jewelry over cheaply made, easily discarded costume jewelry. Today, things are made to break, not to last. Trends come and go as micro-seasons, fast fashion, and mass-production have monopolized the Fashion Industry. Yet, there is a growing appreciation for experiences that feed the Soul over material things that satisfy the Ego. While the world outside continues to foster inequality, more people are turning to finding balance within. There is a “return-to-consciousness” movement - a growing recognition of the Divine Thread that connects us all. We are being called to wake-up and confront our Inner Truth. Are we living in alignment with our Highest Self? Are we being true to our internal moral compass? As the world slips a little further into chaos everyday, we are becoming increasingly aware of the disparities between minorities and those who have inherited a privileged path. For most of us, it has become our goal to either use our privilege to fight outdated racist, sexist, nationalistic ideology or to continue to champion in the face of adversity to overcome low vibrational attitudes of hatred, bigotry, and disenfranchisement.

     It is through our personal journey of finding Oneness within ourselves that we are able to recognize the dichotomy of existence. The beautiful Truth lies in the knowledge that every person, animal, planet, star, galaxy, and bug is woven into the awesome Tapestry of Life through the same laws of physics, biology, and chemistry. This incredible connection to both the sand and the stars outshines any construct of the Ego that has placed man over animal, or human above human.

However, our collective consciousness is richened by the vast cultures, traditions, and histories of each and every person. Although we can recognize our Oneness, we have the unique ability to stand in our own Truth as sentient beings. Each of us, a facet of the Divine – consciousness aware of itself through many shapes and forms. And so it is our Divine right to explore that individuality - to offer our unique perspective to the world while remaining sensitive to the collective story that is being written each and every day.

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