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Temperance Pendant - ARCANA COLLECTION

Temperance Pendant - ARCANA COLLECTION


100% sterling silver; lapis; indonesian carved cow bone; angel aura quartz

hangs approx ~ 20"




“I am Divinely guided and protected.”


A face, carved from bone, is set in a sterling silver bezel. At the third-eye center is an angel aura quartz and above it, a lapis lazuli hanging from a sterling silver chain.

Traditionally, the Temperance card depicts an androgynous angelic figure pouring water from one chalice to another with one foot in water and the other on earth. This card comes after the Death card, which alludes to the rebirth of the seeker - after they have cut off links with their old existence.


“After casting aside all that he has, retaining nothing, he has at last entered a state of complete passivity. He no longer believes in his ego as a point of reference when evaluating the world, and is unable to make any value judgements."

"At this stage the Angel of Temperance appears, filling the void that has been prepared in the seeker’s consciousness with the water of new life; redressing the balance between consciousness and the unconscious, giving him the advantage of a new, and far truer, center from which to act. Until he was prepared to reject both his ego and its shadow, his higher self could only signal its presence from afar; his human personality left no room for it within the confines of consciousness.”

-Alfred Douglas; The Tarot


The angel bridges the gap between the unconscious – that which is hidden beneath the depths of the water – and the waking consciousness of being on Earth. They ask us to find balance between surrender to the unknown and intentional, conscious living. We are called to integrate the inner and the outer, and open ourselves up to the realization that life that is coming from us, not at us.


The Lapis is traditionally considered a stone of Truth. It encourages honesty of the spirit, and enables us to speak with integrity and clarity. Its dark blue color makes it a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It is related to the Third Eye Chakra and stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. This is a powerful stone to aid in the process of learning and developing our intuition. It is set above the carved face – implying our ability to tap into the beyond by going within. The angel aura quartz is a representation of all that is cosmic and holy united in our mundane, earthly existence. These two stones together refer to the balance between the microcosm and macrocosm in the complexity of the human spirit. We are reminded of the simple Truth, that we are the Universe observing itself in action.


“Dimensions are not places or locations; they’re levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below it. In each higher dimension, there exists a clearer, wider perspective of reality - a greater level of knowing. We experience more freedom, greater power, + more opportunity to create our reality.”

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